Are you and your partner beach lovers? Many people who are beach lovers have dreamt of having a beautiful wedding by the beach as you and your lover can share the best memory together at your favourite place to be on your important day once in your lifetime. And if you want to even make it more special, you can have an unforgettable Indian wedding ceremony in Thailand, a country that has so many incredibly beautiful beaches especially for those who have a dream destination in Thailand and of course something different from your country for both of you and your guests.   Giving vows to each other surrounded by people you love, beautiful beaches and the sound of the ocean wave as background. Let your feet touch soft white sand and smell the fresh air. On top of that you can also enjoy Thai food, seafood and of course Indian food as you prefer as well. With the art and creative mind of Thai wedding planners, they can create whatever you imagine to happen in real life at your dream place to be an Indian wedding destination in Thailand   In this article, we will look through 5 Indian wedding destination in Thailand for beach lovers which are Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Khao Lak and Huahin. What is different between these places and which one could be your place you are searching for. Let’s have a look!


  Phuket is a province in the south of Thailand which sits in the blue ocean of the Andaman sea. It is a famous city that has plenty of beautiful beaches such as Rawai beach, Patong beach, Karon beach, Kamala beach, Kata Yai beach, Kata Noi beach, and Mai Khao beach. Apart from that, this biggest island of Thailand also has Laem Phromthep viewpoint that features one of the most beautiful sunsets in Thailand which could be a cool spot for your Indian wedding photos as well.   As Phuket is a big city and a hotspot for travellers around the world, the city is prosperous and full of many nice hotels with good service ready to serve you. So, you have plenty of choices to choose the most suitable place to create your dream Indian wedding. For those who love snorkelling and diving, Phuket is also one of the best destination in Thailand for it.   


  If you are not a fan of big cities, you may want to consider Krabi as an Indian wedding destination in Thailand for you instead. Krabi is also in Andaman sea and is one of the dream destinations for people around the world because of its beautiful coral reefs and exotic marine life.    It was featured in the famous Hollywood movie The Beach that took the movie scene in Hat Maya, Koh Phi Phi and there are also Mu Koh Lanta National Park and Koh PoDa Nok, Ao Nang, Phra Nang Cape and Railey beach. Krabi is a perfect place for you both for Indian weddings and to search for Indianweddingphotographerthailand


Koh Samui

  Koh Samui is a lovely island located in the Gulf of Thailand in Surat Thani province. It is an island full of many beautiful beaches such as Chaweng beach, Lamai beach, Taling Ngam beach, and Natien beach. It also has plentiful nature and is rich with history and culture.    The special thing about this island is that it is not too big to travel around and has various options of beautiful and peaceful resorts. If you want to have a private Indian wedding along with the beach, Koh Samui is absolutely included in your choice. Here it also gives you a more local feeling as it is not too busy compared to Phuket and Krabi. 

Khao Lak

  If you still feel like Koh Samui is still too busy for you, you may want to consider Khao Lak in Phang Nga province where is in andaman sea and nature is still abundant as it was just discovered by travellers in the 90s, a perfect place for those who love nature, peaceful beaches and hippie vibe.    Khao Lak features beautiful destinations such as Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park, Surins island, Bang Niang Beach, Similan Islands (Unesco World Heritage site) and Nang Thong Beach. If you want something different as your Indian wedding destination in Thailand, Khao Lak falls into that list for you.


Huahin is a quiet beach town that is situated not so far from Bangkok which is in the Gulf of Thailand same as Samui island. If you imagine a beautiful and more private wedding place for you and your close ones, Huahin is definitely suitable for an Indian wedding destination in Thailand.    You can find many hotels nearby the beach and get space for your Indian wedding dinner full with tasty Thai seafood.

The Palayana Hua Hin, Thailand

The Palayana Hua Hin, Thailand


You can get a chance to ride a horse with an ocean as background here as well. This place will make your wedding day the most memorable just for yourself but your guests. As it is not so far from Bangkok and the fee could be so much less compared to the south of Thailand, you may want to have Huahin as your  Indian wedding destination in Thailand.    


These are the top 5 Indian wedding destination in Thailand we want to recommend. From the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman sea, Thailand has everything ready to create a wonderful Indian wedding for you once in a lifetime. If you want a traditional Indian wedding which needs beautiful garlands and lots of flowers, Thailand also has plenty of beautiful flowers to be used on your day. For a party at your Indian wedding, many hotels in Thailand also offer choices to have a party by the pool or next to the beach as well. So city lovers could go for Phuket and Krabi. More private and peaceful Indian weddings could be in Samui and Huahin and more hippie and local vibe, you should go for Khao Lak. Thailand also has many professional photographers ready for photoshoot service to capture the best Indianweddingphotographerthailand for you.